Dakota Johnson

Hi, my name is Dakota and I am the Pastor of Student Ministries here at FBC Imperial Lakes.  I am so excited that you are taking the time to learn about our church family.  At the age of eight I gave my life to Christ and begged him to use me for His work.  I realize my only purpose on earth in the flesh is to serve and bring Glory to God! 

Over all the years of being a Christian I have been blessed to see God's work perform miracles in lives around me and through me.  I personally invite you to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ so He can begin this work in you!

I have learned this fulfillment in life brings a heavenly peace and satisfaction to me while living in this crazy world; it is what keeps me going.  My passion is to share this same faith and commitment with your teenager.  Please join our team of youth leaders on Wednesday nights and Sundays in worship and feel the love of Christ for yourself.  If you attend please come see me in the sound booth and say "Hi."  

God bless!