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We are so glad that you're here! We know that it can be intimidating walking into a new church not knowing the space or the people. 

Below you will find an overview of what each service is like. 

Please know that we are praying for you and excited that you have chose to be our guest!

Sunday Morning Worship

10:30am in the Family Center

Each Sunday morning we gather together to worship our Heavenly Father at 10:30am in the Family Center building. Our buildings are labeled accordingly with large black letters and signs. There are two sets of entry doors to the Family Center, either entrance will bring you in to where you need to be. Upon entering, you will be greeted by our 'Welcome Teams'

They will hand you a bulletin and a welcome bag. Inside your welcome bag or bulletin you will find a 'Visitors Information' paper. We encourage all our guests to complete this form so we can get to know you more and connect with you! The 'Visitors Information' paper can be turned into the offering baskets that will come around mid-service. 

Once welcomed, we have coffee available for you if you would like at our coffee bar. Seating in the Family Center is your preference. 

Our worship team will begin worship at 10:30am. Our worship is a blended style. Mid way through our worship, announcements will be read and Pastor will welcome everyone. 

If you are attending with young children, we offer a children's offering. This is a time where we encourage all young children to partake in collecting an offering. We believe this is a small step in teaching them the importance of giving. Your child[ren] are welcome to participate and if they choose too they would just follow all the other children to obtain a basket and make a 'round' around the Family Center. Once around, they will return their basket to the stage and then be dismissed for Sunday KiDS [K-5TH]. Sunday KiDS volunteer teachers will meet the KiDS at the entryway doors and then escort them to our Sanctuary across the breezeway for class.

[Please visit our FBCIL KiDS tab for more info]

The congregation will continue in worship while the main offering will then be taken. This is the time to turn in your completed Visitor paper. After worship, Pastor Scott will bring his sermon that the Lord has placed on his heart. He will close with an invitation to salvation/prayer. 

Wednesday Nights

5:45-6:30pm Wed Night Dinner

6:30pm- SPARK KiDS begins

7:00pm- Bible study in the Sanctuary Building

There is a lot of on campus happenings on Wednesday Nights. 

In the Family Center we offer a dinner from 5:45-6:30pm. $5 a plate. 

At 6:30pm our SPARK KiDS program [Pk-5th grade] begins.

Visit our SPARK KiDS tab for more info.

At 7:00pm the Wednesday Night Bible Study with Pastor Scott begins in the Sanctuary. This service begins with worship, announcements, and prayer, followed by teaching from Pastor Scott. 

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