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Meet our Pastor!

I am so thankful and privileged that you have chosen to visit our Church website. I pray that you and your family will be led by God to come and take part in our exciting ministries and worship services as we praise and exalt Him which then invites Him to speak to your heart through His Holy and precious Word.  He is so good to each of us because He loves each of us, so come and allow God to pour himself into you through us.

As the pastor here I am excited and honored that God has placed you in our path and that you will consider visiting the family here at FBC Imperial Lakes.  We are very excited to witness God continue to save souls, baptize and deliver families such as yours. He builds not only the church body but the Kingdom of Heaven.

I know how hard it is to walk into a church, into the House of the Lord where you do not know anyone or what to expect.  So I pray that through your journey here you will be so blessed, so encouraged that God will simply give you the strength to overcome your fears and lead you to our beautiful place of Worship.  

    As you navigate through the website I pray you are encouraged and strengthened as the Lord guides you in your search for a church home. 

I want you to know that through love and commitment the ministry here at FBC Imperial Lakes has grown and matured by our obedience and trust in the Lord. 

We have become purposeful in reaching our community. We serve the Lakeland/Mulberry area and welcome everyone.

I have served God in this community since 2004.  I was born in Lakeland and have lived here all my life.  My wife Jeanine and I are very blessed to serve side by side along with our children. I came to know the Lord in 1999 and answered the call into the ministry in 2004. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ministry Studies at the Baptist College of Florida.  I have a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University and I am currently studying for my M/DIV at Liberty University.

I personally invite you to join our service and come worship with us. If you have any questions about the ministries here please reach out to me or our team. We are here to help you in your spiritual walk.

~Blessings, Pastor Scott~

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