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Mission Statement

Our Mission as we grow together and God builds this ministry is simple:

(Embrace) We love people! You will discover immediately a group of warm, real people with real families, dealing with real life issues.  People who are committed to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

(Engage) We love others because we love Jesus! We want to pour our lives into your life with the love of Jesus through prayer and with the Word of God; which encourages us when we go through seasons of storms and our victories in life as we rise up on the mountain.

(Equip) Satan is the great deceiver. We must arm ourselves with the Gospel. Embrace the cross and encourage all to pick up their cross daily. Our goal is to equip you and disciple you through teaching and living out the Word of God. God will continue to write out our lives in this world and our friends, family and acquaintances will be watching so that God can then receive all the glory and honor as we live out our Christian lives, ultimately leading others to Him.

(Encourage) We want to encourage all to come and serve along side us! We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


 I pray you will receive our personal invitation to come and let your light shine for Jesus as we Embrace, Engage, Equip and Encourage all.

Come meet us and if it's the Lord's will, stay and grow with us and embrace God's love, mercy and grace as He builds His church; His lighthouse here in our community.



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