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Our KiDS Summer Program will be

June 21st - August 9th, 6:30-8pm

on Wednesday Nights. 
PreK- 5th grade welcome!

"Teach Kids About the Adventure of Living Life With God!

When Jesus walked this earth, he invited twelve men to share in his life and to join him on a great adventure. Today, Jesus invites each of us to join him on this great adventure of life in Christ."

*A parent/ guardian must stay on campus if they have a KiD participating in the Summer Program*


Week 1- Catching Some Fish. Nothing passes the time quite like going out and catching fish. Kids will learn that we've been called to make sure people catch the good news of Jesus. Luke 5:1-11, The Calling of the First Disciples.

Week 2- Putting Up the Tent. We must pay careful attention to pitch our tents just right. Kids will learn that Jesus deserves our attention. Mark 9:2-13, The Transfiguration.

Week 3- Setting Out Your Sleeping Bag. When you're “roughing it” you have to give up your warm house and comfortable bed. Kids will learn that following Jesus means being willing to give up everything for God. Matthew 8:18-22: The Cost of Following Jesus.

Week 4- Going on a Hike. During your trip, it's nice to go out to the hiking trails and explore nature. Kids will learn that Jesus sends us out to help and serve others. Luke 10:1-17, Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-two

Week 5- Making S'mores. No camping trip would be complete without fixing up s'mores. Kids will learn that Jesus is the bread of life that makes us complete. John 6:25-40, Jesus the Bread of Life.

Week 6- Singing Campfire Songs. Nothing's more joyful than singing songs under the stars. Kids will learn that they should praise Jesus joyfully. Luke 19:28-40, The Triumphal Entry.

Week 7- Telling Campfire Stories. It's nice to sit around the campfire and tell each other stories. Kids will learn that we have the best story ever to tell: Jesus is alive! Luke 24:13-32, On the Road to Emmaus.

Week 8- Keeping the Fire Going. When the camping trip is over, make sure to put out the campfire is out. Kids will learn that with the promised Holy Spirit, the fire of good news will never go out. Acts 2:1-12, The Holy Spirit Comes.

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